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Parmesan Grill $8.25
Choose turkey, ham or roast beef topped with melted Swiss on our grilled parmesan cheese bread.

Greek Chicken Foccacia $9.25
Grilled sliced breast of chicken marinated with fresh herbs combined with diced tomato, green onion, cucumber, Feta cheese, and cool cucumber yogurt sauce.

The C.I.A. Sub $8.25
A Classic sandwich featuring shaved ham, turkey, beef, sliced cheeses, lettuce, tomato, and onion, laced with creamy honey Parmesan dressing served on an Italian dinner loaf.

New Orleans Muffaletta $9.25
Features spiced capicola, salami, roast beef, Provolone cheese and our south side olive relish presented with lettuce, tomato, on Foccacia bread.

Vegetarian Melt $7.75
Sauteed vegetables tossed in our light Alfredo served over grilled bread and topped with melted chedder cheese and fresh tomato.

Thai Chicken Wrap $8.95
Grilled seasoned chicken with Mozarella cheese, fresh cilantro, cabbage slaw, crushed peanuts, spicy peanut sauce, served with cilantro cream sauce.

Italian Beef and Pepper Foccacia $8.95
Thinly sliced beef, jalapeno jack cheese, roasted red pepper sauce with lettuce, tomato, and Bermuda onions on handmade Foccacia bread.

Beefeater Grill $8.75
Tender beef sauteed with Italian seasonings and onions, topped with Swiss cheese. Served on a Kaiser roll.

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Grill $8.25
Slices of sun-dried tomato crusted chicken topped with creamy Havarti and served on toasted peasant bread.

Sicilian Vegetarian $8.95
A melody of fresh seasonal vegetables marinated and grilled in Italian herbs. Topped with Feta cheese and served on a crusty baguette.

Pesto Shrimp and Roasted Red Pepper Wrap $9.95
Pesto shrimp, roasted red peppers and Mozzarella cheese, served with red pepper cream sauce.

* Sandwiches and Wraps are served with our Signature House Salad or our Soup of the Day.

Bob's Basic Lunch $6.95
Choose Turkey, Ham, or Roast Beef with cheeses, lettuce and tomato. Served on our Special Bread with chips.

House Salad $6.25
Our signature salad with freshly grated Romano, Parmesan cheese, House croutons, and radiatore pasta tossed in our homemade garlic Peppercorn dressing.
• Add Sun-dried Chicken $3.50 • Add Shrimp Pesto $4.50

Soup and House Salad $7.25

Szechuan Salad $8.95
A spicy grill of chicken, carrots, snow peas, sweet pepper and onion tossed with cashew and crisp wontons in a light vinaigrette.

Fajita Chicken Salad $8.95
Grilled seasoned chicken with julienne red and green peppers and onion served over fresh salad greens with our Fiesta Ranch dressing.

The Athenian Salad $8.95
Sauteed chicken with tomatoes, cucumbers, Feta cheese, mushroom and green onion. Served over fresh salad greens with pepperoni and Kalamato olives. Served with our Greek vinaigrette.

Grilled Vegetable Salad $8.95
A sauté of seasoned fresh vegetables served over salad greens tossed in an herbed vinaigrette dressing and our roasted red pepper sauce.
• Add Roast Beef or Sun-dried Chicken $3.50 • Add Shrimp Pesto $4.50

Spinach Caesar Salad $8.95
Fresh spinach, mushrooms, green onion, tomato, cucumber, and Romano cheese. Tossed with our Caesar dressing.
• Add Sun-dried Chicken $3.50 • Add Shrimp Pesto $4.50

Fruited Spinach Salad $9.25
Seasonal fruits, fresh spinach, green onions, celery, toasted pecans tossed in a Tarragon Vinaigrette and topped with sun-dried tomato crusted chicken.

Greek Salad $7.50
Fresh salad greens, Feta, peperocini, green onion, mushrooms, cucumbers and Kalamato olives. Served in our special Greek dressing.

• All Salads served with Foccacia Bread.

Linguini with Fresh Spinach & Tomato $8.95
Tossed with basil, garlic and olive oil.
• Add Sun-dried Chicken $3.50 • Add Shrimp Pesto $4.50
• To above pasta items.

Pasta Primavera $9.25
Fresh vegetables sauteed and tossed with penne pasta in a light Alfredo sauce.
• Add Sun-dried Chicken $3.50 • Add Shrimp Pesto $4.50
• To above pasta items.

Pesto Shrimp Pasta $11.95
Sauteed marinated shrimp, fresh seasonal vegetables and penne pasta, tossed with a tomato cream.

Szechuan Noodles $9.95
A spicy grill of chicken, carrots, snow peas, sweet pepper and onion served over Linguini with spinach and tomatoes.

Herb Crusted Chicken $9.95
Tossed with Fettuccini in a cilantro cream.

Thai Chicken Pasta $9.50
Sauteed chicken and linguini with Asian spices topped with shredded Mozzarella, crispy slaw, fresh Cilantro and crushed peanuts.

• Noodle Bowls are served with our Signature House Salad and Foccacia Bread.

• Visa, Mastercard and American Express welcome.

Please note: Various store prices might vary slightly. Thank You

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